Why is our glue really Green?

Our production plants make it possible to minimize waste and to reduce the consumption of raw materials. This allows us to offer our customers a product that is as eco-sustainable as possible.

All the adhesives produced by Glueton comply with current national and international laws regarding safety and environmental protection.

What are the application areas of Glueton glues?

Our products are specific for: paper converting, wood, bookbinding, screen printing, packaging, food packaging and custom applications.

What is the importance of the Research and Development sector?

Our renovated laboratory is equipped with innovative equipment and tools, which allow technicians to identify or create the most suitable adhesive for the needs of our customers.

What if you don't find a specific type of glue for your need?

In Glueton ascoltiamo le esigenze di ogni singolo cliente: se hai bisogno di una colla specifica per il tuo progetto, i nostri tecnici sono a tua disposizione per formulare una soluzione su misura.

How to contact Glueton specialists?

You can contact us by writing on the ‘information request’ form on this site, or by contacting the Glueton offices from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:30 on the number +39 0541 729359


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