Glueton offers a wide range of products and solutions to glue paper and cardboard for an unlimited series of industrial purposes.

Paper industry adhesives
The Blanka adhesives for the paper industry are used for the following types of work:

  • Microwave paper matching , tight cardboard, classic and high density polyethylene, polypropylene aluminum;
  • Coating;
  • Covering of cases, boxes, classification folders, containers;
  • Fenestration of cases and boxes;
  • Production of cases, paper bags, shoppers, boxes, tubes, displays;
  • Fugitive manufacturing

Bindery industries adhesives
The range of products for bookbinding industry includes adhesives in aqueous dispersion (copolymers) and specific jelly glue for processing with case makers and emery machines. They are used for:

  • Packing;
  • Sleeves;
  • Gauze, paper, capital;
  • Hinging;
  • Lateral gluing;
  • Back gluing

Packaging adhesives
The Blanka glue range for packaging is recommended for companies producing boxes, tube factories and packaging industries for the following types of work:

  • Formation of boxes, trays;
  • Box closing;
  • Bags stabilization;
  • Flexible packaging;

Silk-screen printing adhesives
Glueton offers a wide range of adhesives in aqueous emulsion for the silk-screen sector with special and customized products. Our BLANKA glue range with permanent tack, also removable, heat-sealable and that can be moistened, they are suitable to realize:

  • Glass decals with PVC supports or other plastic materials;
  • Mouse pads production;
  • Displays and advertising gadgets production

Glueton produces and sells vinyl glues, hot-melt glues, polyurethane adhesives, ureic and solvent glues. They are high-performing products to obtain top quality results.
Flat surfaces gluing

  • Hot and cold plating;
  • Veneering;
  • Wood flooring production

Curved surfaces gluing

  • Plywood;
  • Post-forming

Plugs gluing

  • Automatic or manual dowel-driving machines;
  • Clamping machines;
  • High-frequency

Furniture production

  • Hot & cold hard woods gluing and with high frequency;
  • Hot & cold pliable woods gluing and with high frequency;
  • Doors, windows and even woven production;
  • Staircases production.

Edging process

  • In alignment with every kind of edging;
  • In alignment for soft forming;
  • Manual edge banders and work centers;

Profiles coating

  • Veneering, PVC and decorative papers

Membrane presses

  • PVC gluing, polypropylene and veneering

Contact gluing

  • For laminates, metals, fabrics and leathers.

Glueton produces glue for special works!
Thanks to the knowledge of our experts and the collaboration with research centers and with suppliers of raw materials, our technicians are able to formulate and to develop special glue for several applications.


  • Binders for soundproofing substrates;

Building industry

  • Wetting agents for the production of building areas


  • Binders for sintering processes
  • Abrasive belts production


  • For the production of artifacts for interiors and exteriors